Thursday, September 24, 2009

Non-Stop Enjoy 7 seasons of StarTrek: Voyager on your iPod touch/nano

If you are a TV aficionado, you shouldn't have missed this famous TV series in history. Star Trek features a series of engaging science fictions in the space. As the fourth incarnation of Star Trek, Voyager lives through 7 seasons on TV screen, becoming one of the most welcomed and praised incarnation of the whole series. It is certainly no match for today's high-tech 3D animated movies, but personally I think it reaches a good balance of plot and visual effect. Good to know how the people in the old days make TV series rock. I'm sure the ample intriguing stories will capture your eye and immerse you into a vast imagination of space adventure. Want to go around and savor it? Use your iPod touch/nano. No iPod touch/nano in your pocket? Well, other PMPs will also make do.

Opps! By the way, I have forgotten the most important point, that is, how to secure the playback of Star Trek: Voyager on your iPod touch/nano or other PMPs. Well, it is absolutely easy indeed. The video format you download from the internet is usually in AVI, MP4 and RMVB for watch on PC, while iPod touch/nano supports MP4 with a limit on video profile and other PMPs specify otherwise. You need to convert the video you download to the format that matches the requirement of your terminal.

Here on the stage is Leawo Video Converter. It is a versatile video converter program that can fulfill the user's demand to transcode the PC videos to be suitable for portable terminals. It has preconfigured settings to eliminate the needs of users to research for the right settings themselves. Three steps, that's the farthest you have to go before you have your videos converted.

Well, you may be holding the DVDs of Star Trek: Voyager. Go find Leawo DVD Ripper to do the job. It is as easy to use as Leawo Video Converter and maintains good quality and compatibility. It is recommended for DVD to iPod, iPhone, PSP/PS3, Zune, PMP video conversion.

Now, wish you a good journey in the 7 seasons of voyage!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: a Hollywood Movie Apt for Bedtime Watching

Have you ever seen someone living a reverse life? It does certainly not happen in the mentally sane world, but only in fabricated stories. I strongly recommend you see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to get an idea of how Hollywood can make such a mythical story real to life.

The main character Benjamin of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a freaky baby when he was born on the day when the WWI was over. Because of his terrible look, Benjamin was immediately abandoned by his father. An elder’s nursery kindly took him and he was fortunate to have a home there. But he looked so old that people all predicted he would die soon. On the contrary, Benjamin was incredibly getting younger as he grew up, while people around him were getting older, weaker and at last gone. Benjamin started the romance with his dear childhood playmate Daisy and life seemed to liven up. As merciless as from the beginning, fate once again broke the happy bubbles. Benjamin met his best period in his 40s but his body never stopped to get younger. He started to get confusion as his intelligence fell within the level of teenagers and finally dies as a baby.

So this is an amazing story of a man who is living from old to young. If you ever have dreamt of such experiences, maybe you would get a good experience from this movie as a bystander. For a story that is so attractive and the plots so delicately composed, why don’t you just put it to your iPod and watch it on bedtime? The silent night makes a perfect watching ambience for this movie.

I have already used Leawo Video Converter to do the trick. It helps me to output the proper video format required by my iPod. It plays excellent on my iPod and I still keep the movie for a third review. If you have the DVD of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Leawo DVD Ripper may come in handy for the job.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to Convert DVD to iPod Video with Leawo DVD to iPod Video Converter?

Leawo DVD to iPod Converter is a classic and simplest tool ever to convert DVD to iPod. This DVD to iPod Converter has the satisfactory output quality with very fresh interfaces. This converter can not only convert DVD to iPod video but also can rip the soundtrack and turn out different music formats. Its edit features aim at further configure the video to have a best effect iPod’s screen. With Leawo’s advanced video technology providing a fast speed, it enables enjoyment for the video on iPod anytime.

Guide on how to convert DVD to iPod with Leaawo DVD to iPod Converter.
Insert the DVD disc into the DVD drive, open the program and import the DVD files.

Some necessary settings:
1. In Subtitle, select the subtitle language on demand.
2. In Audio, select to change the language of the audio.
3. In Profile, select iPod Video. It is a set of optimized settings that has been done for the user’s convenience. User may access to the advanced setting panel in confidence of their knowledge.
4. In Output, set the destination folder for the output file.

Leawo DVD to iPod Video Converter also provides some very useful video edit functions.

a. Effect adjustments for Brightness, Contrast to change the video effect, and Volume to turn up or down the audio.

b. Trim function is for making clips from the video or cut the head and the tail of it. With Leawo DVD to iPod Video Converter, users are allowed to make a very short clip in a precision of millisecond.

c. Crop function is for getting rid of the black margin of the original video in order to have a broader display on the iPod screen.

Click the big button to start the conversion. Smoothly the output is done and will be in good quality as is expected.

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