Monday, December 14, 2009

Top 5 recommended Christmas Movies to watch on Christmas holiday

Christmas is the most appealing gift-giving and happiness-sharing holiday of the year. The best gift for your family especially your children is to stay with them, take them along with you to a hiking camp, a pleasure ground or just sit back with them in a cozy sofa to watch Christmas themed movies. It is a good time for your curious kids to learn more into Christmas legend stories and develop a joyful and positive character influenced by Christmas truth. As grown-ups, the movies can recall your fading dream of Christmas and the happy moments you ever have in your childhood. Just open your heart and enjoy the sentimental influence of these good movies.

Here are the top 5 Christmas Movies we recommend:
The Santa Clause (PG) 1994

This is a cheerfully corny family comedy which binds the theme of Christmas and Santa Clause. It tells about a story of Scott Calvin who transformed from the role of an ordinary divorced father to the worldwide beloved Santa Clause. The story sheds lights on secrets of toy factory and the elf town in the North Pole. It depicts how Scott Calvin overcame the difficulties of assuming Santa Clause's job and finally decided to act in line with a qualified Mr. Santa. This is a magical movie aimed at the children to extend Christmas joyful sentiments. The introduction of the part of the parents adds to the success of this Christmas comedy.

The Polar Express 2004

This 3D computer generated motion pictures describe the extraordinary journey to the North Pole. It conveys the pure crystal dream of children in which they believe the elf world and Santa Clause do exist in the North Pole and they would receive gifts made in the toy factory and deliver by Santa Clause. The movie also appeals people to keep a pure belief in Christmas legend so as to have a happy time over Christmas.

Bad Santa 2004

This is an exception of the movies which give good pictures of Santa Clause delivering gifts on his reindeer sleigh. It has nothing to do with the Christmas legend and North Pole, but the story of two misdoers committing all kinds of bad things one can imagine in the cover of Santa Clause and an elf. Finally they were awaken by an eight-year-old boy and came to realize the truth and spirit of Christmas. They forwent the bad deeds and became good people.

Love Actually 2003

This is a good film with an affectionate theme. It tells the stories of love affairs happened on different people in different places in the days just before Christmas. With the scenes of success, joy, luck, sincerity and harmony, the movie is brimming with love that actually can be spread like a fire to all people whether they know each other or not. Watching the movie can also ignite the fire of love in your heart and have everything done smoothly with love around Christmas.


Elf is a warm-hearted Christmas comedy that tells a story of a baby boy who was mistakenly brought to the North Pole in Santa Clause's bag. He grew up in the elf world and had a wish to go back to his true family in New York. When he returned, he discovered the world was not as peaceful as he had imagined. The Christmas was losing its influence on the busy and lack of affection New Yorkers. He decided to help the world resume the sentimental path which the world was walking off.
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