Thursday, April 23, 2009

Leawo iPod Converter, a good tool to convert video to iPod

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Nowadays, so many friends have iPod, they mainly use it to listen to music. As time goes on, this portable player currently can support MP4 video file in many different resolutions and sizes. However, you should have an video to iPod converter so as to watch the video on your iPod. Here comes the question: which converter is a better one? Okay, from my experience, I want to recommend Leawo Free iPod converter to you.

How to transfer video to iPod?

When connected to a personal computer (PC), Windows or Macintosh, the iPod communicates with a piece of Apple software called iTunes. The iPod and iTunes work together to synchronize the songs available on the iPod to those available on the PC. This happens automatically, without any intervention being required from the user.

After you got the videos converted by a video to iPod converter, connect your ipod, launch iTunes and update your library. Once you see your new videos inside the iTunes library, you can easily add them to your iPod onwards. It’s pretty easy.

Tutorial of using Leawo Free iPod converter

Before converting video to iPod, please choose to download and install Leawo Free iPod Converter.

3 steps will let you enjoy converting video to MP4 easily. Follow me, please!

Step1. Click "Add." to add the video file, Haha… So easy! It takes you less than one minute to finish it.

Step2. Choose "iPod Movie (*.mp4)" in "Style", and then set the destination folder in "Output" what you need. Well, there are many kinds of styles, such as iPod Movie (*.mp4), iPhone Movie (*.mp4), Apple TV Movie (*.mp4), etc.

Step3. Click "Convert" on the lower right corner to start the conversion. Okay,so easy, we make it. Frankly, the operation is easy to use, however, I’m happy to tell you that this kind Free iPod Converter also has an advantage named merge into one file, which does you a good favor. I’m sure that you will take a like to it.

It is a fantastic conversion. Right? My dear friends, wanna have a try?

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