Thursday, November 12, 2009

iPod touch hits the game market hard and force Nintendo DS to find another way out

Originally being recognized as a long award-winning portable music player, iPod touch has now made its way into game player market where it will be in direct competition with Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. Nintendo has expressed concern on the future on its DS player if iPod touch would decide to attack its market share.

How has iPod touch become a game machine more than a music player? It has to say even the music player maker didn't know the direction they would ride in. They are somehow embarrassed by iPod being a gaming machine rather than proud of it, and they wished it was something else.

It is the similar design to iPhone that makes iPod touch completely capable to run all game titles on App Store after sync via iTunes. The hardware specification endows the latest model of iPod with excellent performance to run multifarious applications. People who have owned an iPod touch are benefited from the abundant game and entertainment titles numbered 21,179 on App Store, looking down at 3680 titles for the Nintendo DS and 607 for the Sony PSP. It can't deny the fact that people are happy with the prolificacy of the player maker.

Nintendo DS reached its peak in market share over the last two years by its innovative and interactive control design. Now it seems iPod touch along with iPhone is going to be threat which has cut DS's sales by half. Nintendo's CEO remarked Nintendo must work to stand out from devices like iPhone/iPod touch.

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