Monday, November 23, 2009

Watch out - smoking might render your Applecare warranty invalid

A post from Consumerist suggests that smoking can not only harm your health but probably void your Applecare warranty. This curious incident rose as two Apple customers were declined to have their Mac machines repaired under their active warranty because of smoking tar found on their machines.

The two separate Apple customers were refused at Apple's care center when they were requesting repair for their damaged Mac machines. They were both told later the repair would not carry out because the machines were contaminated by hazardous substances, namely, smokings. As was explained by the stuff of Apple's care center, Apple deems repairing a contaminated machine is hazardous to its employee's health thus forbids it. The two customers were advised to repair their machines somewhere else at their own expense.

The two customers admitted smoking when using the machine but found no terms in Apple's warranty to block smokers from warranty coverage. They then wrote letters directly to Jobs's office to appeal the case but the act was in vain.

It is reasonable for Apple to safeguard the health of its employees by preventing them from working on hazardous machines and it seems Apple does a stiff carry out of this rule. Anyone who wants to avoid being in the same case would have to consider no smoking while using Apple's products, for example, iMac, Macbook, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, etc.

But it is not clearly known how it could be considered voiding the warranty by smoking. So watch out, smokers. If your Apple machine carries obvious residue of smoking, you will be very likely to go into big headache when your machine is out of work.

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