Friday, May 15, 2009

F.A.Q of Leawo iPod Converter

Hey, guys, how are you going? In this blog, I want to tell you something about F.A.Q of Leawo iPod Converter. You know, users may have some questions when using iPod converter to convert almost all popular video formats to iPod video file in order to enjoy video or music on their iPods. Yeah, you are clever, I wanna recommend you some significant F.A.Qs of Leawo iPod Converter.

Does the program work with Windows Vista OS?
Yes. It supports Vista OS with both 32-bit and 64-bit Edition. Please do install the program under the Computer Administrator's Account with Vista OS.

Can I set the output folder of my snapshot pictures?
Yes. By "Menu > Preferences > Thumbnail > Save To" to set your image destination folder.

My movie has black margin, which takes much room in my cell phone's screen. Can I get rid of them?
Yes. By Customize > Crop> Letter Box, choose the item you want, and adjust the values below for a precise cropping.

Can I save my output settings as a profile for later use?
Yes. Please select a file and click on "Settings", then click "Save as" after you have all the items set. Name it in the box, and click "OK". You will find the name is in the list of "profile". If you check "Apply to all", then all the output files will under this profile.

I am not satisfied with the output file? How can I make it better?
The output file quality depends largely on the source file. You may choose a higher bit rate or modify settings like contrast, dimensions, length, and audio volume, etc, if the output one does be not as good as the original one, If still not, you may refer to the Help file or Email us directly at for your situation.

How can I get a smaller file size to save space?
Time duration and bit rate decide the file size. You may try to adjust these parameters for a smaller file size. The shorter the time duration, the smaller the file size is. The lower the bit rate, the smaller the file size is. However, the video quality may be worse, if with a lower bit rate. Please do some test conversions for a proper video codec.

Do I make myself clear? Some more info about F.A.Q of Leawo iPod Converter!

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