Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Introduction of Leawo iPhone Video Converter PRO Version

Why choose Leawo iPhone Video Converter PRO Version?
Maybe most users like downloading free iPhone video converter to meet their needs to a great extent. Of course, you can use the free software to convert video files to iPhone Mp4 format and then enjoy them on your iPhone player. However, the free software has some functional limitations, especially when you want to make your video or audio more colorful.

Actually, you can exactly find that this free software doesn’t entilte you to make use of “Customize” and “Settings” functions when you use the Leawo Free iPhone Converter. Faced with this situation, you’d better buy Leawo iPod Converter Pro in order to bring you an excellent quality, and then have better enjoyment. It only costs you $9.95!

The advantage of this Leawo iPhone Video Converter PRO Version
Leawo iPhone Converter is a professional and powerful converter which can easily convert audio and video formats(iPone Movie(*.mp4), Apple TV Movie(*.mp4), iPod Movie(*.mp4), MP3, WAV, AAC, etc.) to iPhone for you to enjoy fun movie and music on iPhone on the go.

The Leawo iPhone converter advanced version can also rip and convert video to iPhone, MPG to iPhone, RM to iPhone, etc. It can help to get your video trimmed for a short video duration you need. It can also help to get your video cropped for the video dimension that goes with your mobile phone. Firstly, it can easily trim video to retain a short duration. You can use this function to cut the video length to retain a short duration to meet your needs. And secondly, it can also crop video to extract the video black margins. This PRO version can do you a good favor to crop video to extract the video black margins. You can easily adjust the video dimension under “Trim” to remove the black margins. Besides, it makes the original video quality better. To make the original video quality better, you’d better set audio and video effects by dragging the slides for Brightness, Contrast, and Audio Volume.

Wanna know more info about this Leawo iPhone Video Converter PRO Version, please enter the website.

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