Monday, May 4, 2009

What is your purpose of using iPhone?

An interesting topic, right? I sent a placard last week in order to know people’s intention of owning an iPhone. To my surprise, I received some comments on my placard when signing in my forum this morning. Okay, I wanna share some interesting comments with you.

spark says:
For me, the cellphone-in-a-iPod bundling is why I bought it, but the Calendar and Contacts is why I love it. It's the best mobile calendar app out there bar none. The other biggies are Google Maps and GMail integration. I'm still on an original 8G model, but I would upgrade immediately for a removable battery option. In case any Apple eng is reading this, the only change I'd make to Cal is to allow for left and right finger swipes to change days instead of having to pinpoint the arrows with your fingertip.

playboy says:
Prior to buying an iPhone, my cell phone was constantly getting lost or broken. I just didn't use it and when I did I would leave it somewhere. All my friends were confused about how I was into every other technology except cell phones. Now I use my iPhone constantly and rarely leave my house without it. I do use the data features about 90% of the time compared to talking. So maybe I am still not a real cell phone user.

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