Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Putting movies on your iPod with Leawo DVD to iPod Converter

Hi, I wanna extent my warmly welcome to your visit again! In this blog ,I want to continue my topic about DVD and iPod. Just follow me, haha…

What is DVD?
DVD stands for Digital Versatile/Video Disc, DVDR stands for DVD Recordable and DVDRW for DVD ReWriteable. If you're familiar with regular audio/music CDs or regular DVD-Video discs, then you will know what a recordable DVD looks like. A recordable DVD stores up to 2 hours of very good quality DVD-Video, including several audio tracks in formats like stereo, Dolby Digital or DTS and also advanced menu systems, subtitles and still pictures that can be played by many standalone DVD Players and most computer DVD-ROMs. If you choose to lower the video quality it is possible to store several hours video on a recordable DVD using low bitrates and low resolution with video quality more like VHS, SVHS, SVCD, CVD or VCD. It is also possible to have up to 4.37* GB ordinary data or mix DVD-Video and data on a recordable DVD that can be played by most computer DVD-ROMs.

What is iPod?
An iPod is a portable device for storing and playing audio files encoded by MP3 or AAC compression algorithms. Designed by Apple Computer, iPods have distinctive styling and can hold anywhere the thousand songs. Popular iPod features include a calendar, address book, to-do list, alarm clock with sleep timer, games and text reader. When connected to a personal computer (PC), Windows or Macintosh, the iPod communicates with a piece of Apple software called iTunes. The iPod and iTunes work together to synchronize the songs available on the iPod to those available on the PC. This happens automatically, without any intervention being required from the user.

Maybe you get some information of great value from the previous blog about a good converter, Leawo DVD to iPod Converter, which is a professional DVD converter that can convert DVD to iPod MP4 for playing DVD on iPod, like iPod touch 2.2. This dvd to ipod converter can also convert DVD to audios in MP3, WAV, and M4A, etc., for music enjoying with your gadget on the move too.

Okay, next time I will tell you how to convert DVD movies to iPod MP4 format with Leawo DVD to iPod Converter.

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