Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Enjoy Transformers 2 on iPhone, just for fun!

Hey, guys. Have you ever watched the hot movie "Transformers 2"? Yes, it is being released all over the world. So how do you like this movie? Fantastic? Shocking? Classic or Boring? Haha, we each have our private views about the movie.

I watched this hot movie with my iPhone, do you know how to transfer movies to iPhone? Uh, as far as I am concerned, it is no use discussing whether the hot movie "Transformers 2" has essence or not, after all, Michael Bay is the director. I believe, so many people know that Michael Bay is one of the most famous commercial directors in Hollywood, even in the world. "The End of the World", "Pearl Harbor", these two famous movies are both directed by him.

"Transformers 2" just brings the audience sense enjoyment, anyway, the more we consume, the more they'll benefit. Of course, there are some action scenes and special movie effects as well as the powerful military of the U.S in this popular movie. Just think carefully about it, full-box office, high out of the box office is very illustrative. Who cares about the development of the story, and even I am not interested in the number of transformers robots.

Commonly, I'm a consumer, so I prefer to care about the process of viewing the movie. The movie brings me visual impact about two and a half hours, you can at least kill your time to some extent. Do not think about too much, relax, at least when the "Transformers 3" comes into the cinema, I will definitely sit down to watch it.

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  1. I'm Transformers fans, I like the film a lot.