Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hogwarts Magical School in "Harry Potter" series

Hey, guys, how are you doing these days? The hot movie "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" let so many people know about a famous school, Hogwarts Magical School. Difinitely, there is no such a mysterious school in the world, however, this magical school is still bringing us some mystery, and tens of thousands of Harry Potter fans really long for it!

Well, I am going to share some information of Hogwarts Magical School with you. The school is specialized in training wizards and witches, seven-year teaching system, 11-year-old child who has magical talent can be admitted to this school. The School is divided into four colleges: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hechipachi, Ravenclaw. New students through the branch of the hat to determine which college they will stay.

Main staff in Hogwarts Magical School

He was graduated Gryffindor School, serving as the principal now. A kind-hearted and wise elder man, the soul person of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry figures.

Professor Macquarie
Vice-Chancellor, deformation teacher who graduated from Gryffindor School, serving as a dean now. A teacher who is very earnest, clearly offers rewards and punishments and has high prestige in front of students.

Professor Snape
Magic medicine teacher who graduated from Slytherin College, serving as a dean now. Although he was always showing us a gloomy face, in fact, the complexity of his heart and suffering far beyond our imagination.

Professor Snag Horn
The new characters in "Harry Potter 6", he was graduated from Slytherin College. A strange and interesting old retired professor, and he will open a long time secret about the magic school.

He was graduated from Gryffindor College. Key school custodian and caretaker of the hunting ground, the teacher who teachs bio-magic protection. Kind and humor, but easy to reveal the secret.

Okay, next time I'll tell you something about main students in Hogwarts Magical School, thanks for your attention!


  1. pretty good, i like this article.

  2. Okay you are so wrong! It's not Proffesor McQuarie (WTF!) It's Proffesor McGonogall
    and it's not Haige (Again...WTF?) It's Hagrid.
    Get your facts right.