Sunday, July 12, 2009

Showing comments on the hot movie "Ice Age III"

My friends told me the 3D digital animated movie “Ice Age III” got the same box-office receipts as the movie “Transformers 2” last week. Frankly, I do not care about which one has the best box office receipts, after all, so many commercial movies are not worth watching.

Faced with fierce competition, “Ice Age III” demonstrates its humorous plots which attract more and more people to view it. Definitely, the audience are exactly enthusiastic, at least, they show their earnest thoughts when watching the movie. Meanwhile, the questioned voice appears once and again.

North American critics are relatively hard on "Ice Age 3". It is said that the movie has fallen directly into the ranks of the bad chip. "Washington Post" said, “this is a charming animated film, but its overall presentation and effectiveness of the circumstances of the application are quite satisfactory, when compared with the previous two, the biggest loss is the loss of the amazing flu and the impact.” "USA Today" said, 'Ice Age 3' did not make things brighten because the whole movie plots are trying to enlarge advantages of the first two, making the final results show a considerable incentive." "Wall Street Reporter "and most mainstream film critics," Comparison of the film mediocre script, so in addition to the technical level, the light does not shine. "

Maybe “Ice Age III” is a bit boring, but this movie can bring me entertainment with my iPhone, more or less.

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