Friday, July 10, 2009

Use iPhone to watch the hot movie "Ice Age III: Dawn of the Dinosaurs"

Have you ever watched the 3D digital animated movie "Ice Age III"? Definitely a wonderful movie in these days.

With the collapse of large areas of glaciers, ice age eventually becomes a history! You and our players have begun to form their own families. But the squirrels Sid is still the squirrels Sid, there will be an event before us as long as he hit the scene! He even got a few dinosaur eggs!

A dramatic turn: a giant dinosaur came up at a sudden, and Sid immediately became a prisoner of the dinosaur. For the sake of their friends, the other three bid farewell to their wives and kids, and back on the path to save Sid. But the trouble this time is far beyond their imagination. To their surprise, Sid was taken to a magical underground world, where isolated the world. Here, the air humid, warm climate. It blocked the Ice Age cold wind, so a large group of ferocious dinosaurs appeared in the front of them …

I do not like watching movie in cinema, crowd and noise! On the contrary, I'd like to watch it at home, not computer but iPhone. Of course, I exactly know the way to put movies to iPhone. Frankly, "Ice Age III" is an excellent movie which brings the audient happiness and enjoyment. I am sure you will like this movie if you watch it!

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  1. Excellent blog, excellent movie,haha...